Santa Fund Event


“Santa Fund has been

a Newmarket Lion’s Project for

more than sixty years.”

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Santa Fund Supporter

Thank you for your contribution to the Newmarket Lions Santa Fund in 2016.

Why am I asking you to consider giving a larger donation this year?

Simply stated, the Newmarket Lions Club has increased their goal by nearly 100% in 2016. This year‘s Santa Fund has been asked to help many more families. Your consideration of this appeal will be appreciated by those in our community who need your help.

Is there a Secret Santa in you?

This Holiday Season there are more than 2500 families in the Newmarket and surrounding area in need of a little Secret Santa assistance.


How can you help?

Simple. By making a donation to the Newmarket Lions Santa 2016 fund you can help ensure that those in need can purchase their own food.

Do the Newmarket Lions distribute food hampers?

No. "Food Vouchers* are provided so the recipients can tailor their gift from you. Don’t forget, not everybody likes brussel sprouts or carrots.

What are food vouchers?

Carefully numbered Lions Gift Certificates* are redeemable at participating grocery stores. The cashiers’ tapes are then billed to the Newmarket Lions Club. Each family can get what they truly need based on their individual dietary, allergy, age and taste requirements. There is no cash back, or purchase of lottery tickets, alcohol or tobacco.


What is the minimum donation?

There is no minimum. All donations of $10.00 and more will automatically receive a charitable receipt. 100% of all donations received goes directly to those who need it most.

How do I become a Secret Santa?

Easy. There are several ways to become a Secret Santa.

You can donate on line. Click here to Donate Now

You can make your cheque payable to:
The Newmarket Lions Club Charitable Trust Santa Fund

Mail to:
P.O. Box 55 Newmarket, ON L3Y 4W3

Or drop in to any of the following:
Color Town — Leslie St.
Hempen Jewelers — Main St.
Zonas Children’s Shoe Shoppe— Yonge St.
Thank you for considering this appeal. MERRY CHRISTMAS!