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The Newmarket Lions Club received its charter as a member of The International Association of Lions Clubs (Lions International) in March 1931. To be able to understand the Newmarket Lions Club, you must first understand a little about Lions International, the relation between the Newmarket Lions Club, Lions International and the Canadian Lions Foundation.


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Membership in the Newmarket Lions Club is open to women and men 19 years of age and over, who are in good standing in their community...


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Aug 14, 2016


Friday October 21, 2016

Newmarket Community Centre and Lions Hall
200 Doug Duncan Dr  7:00 p.m.

$40.00 to the Prize Pool

$40.00 Bounty Chip

$40.00 Donation to Gilford Community Hall

This is a freeze-out tournament. No re-buys or add-ons. Doors open at 6:00 pm tournament starts at 7:00 pm. 

Starting stack - $10,000, 30 minute blinds.

Contact: for further information



Jul 20, 2016





BACKGROUND                                                         Lions Year 2015/16

The Lions International Representative at the United Nations received a request from under developed countries to promote literacy around the world. The Reading Action Program came into being “in 2012 and became a 10 year commitment to increasing literacy rates around the world. Lions everywhere participate by donating books to local schools and libraries, reading to children, starting programs that encourage parents to read with the kids and more.”

That same year “Lions Club International announced the partnership with Scholastic Inc.”. Scholastic Books under their Rise and Read Program would discount any book in the Scholastic collection by 50% providing the Lions Club was advancing literacy through the Reading Action Program.

The suggested focus for Lions Clubs was:

-         Schools (including preschool programs within schools)

-         Libraries ( and children who attended story hour)

-         Head Start programs

-         Vision screening events



The Newmarket Lions Club adopted and adapted the Reading Action Goals to address the needs of the Newmarket community. Initially, our plan was to provide every senior kindergarten student in Newmarket who was part of our vision screening program with an age suitable book. Unfortunately, after ten months of seeking support from the York Region District School Board, the Board sub-committee had not developed a new policy which would permit this to happen.

We did receive permission to contact seven schools where a number of students were deemed to be in need and obtained permission from each school to provide a book to  all kindergarten and grade one students where the grade one class had a senior kindergarten. We also obtained permission to read to each class in small groups and to send home a letter to parents /guardians informing them of our program.

To date, we have visited all seven schools involving close to 400 students and have given each teacher a Robert Munch Anthology to read to their classes.

As well, we began working immediately with a Performance Plus school with their FAST (Families and Schools Together) Program. Families go to the school for an eight week family skills program aimed at building family bonds through a variety of activities including community suppers. The Newmarket Lions provided transportation for families to go to Chapters and have their children personally select their own book valued up to $20.00. The book would then be stamped showing the owner of the book and then have the Lions International stamp on it demonstrating the International Reading Action Program.

To date, we have completed two FAST Programs involving some 35 students (see attachments).



  “Thank –you so much for coming and sharing your love of reading with us. You are fantastic role models and we really appreciate you spending time with us.” Love, The Kinder Kids

 “We just wanted to say a ‘big thank you’ from the students and staff in our FDK programs for coming to our school. The students loved the stories and books are fabulous!!! It is a great program to help encourage reading right from an early age. Everything was very well organized and all of the Lions members were great with the students and staff. Enjoy your week and thank you again. Keep us in mind for any future programs.” Thanks  L

 “ On behalf of the students at …. Public School, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Lions organization for supporting literacy in our school system. When we got back to the classroom we shared the book that each child had chosen and then did a tally to discover which book was chosen the most. The children were very excited about their books and some of them had trouble keeping them in their backpacks! I am forwarding only the pictures that do not have any children’s faces in them for your use. Thanks again, for the time and effort that went into our visit- it was very much appreciated by all. Volunteers help make this world a better place!!”  Thanks C

“This is a very rewarding experience for the students. They really enjoyed listening to the stories and they especially loved being able to pick their very own book. It’s extra special that each name is written into the book. The students also appreciated having a range of books to make their selection.” Thanks M

 “Dear Lion Kirby and Ron, and Lions Megan and Sylvia; we are so glad that you visited our school last week. We agree with you that reading is very important!

Kirby did an excellent job of reading the story, Andrew’s Loose Tooth. We were supper happy and surprised by all the great books we could choose from. Thank you so much, we were all very happy with the books we got to bring home.

We were amazed to find out about all the other things the Lions Club does for children. We did not know that you give free glasses, hearing aids, and coats to children whose families cannot afford them, or that you send kids to camps!

We are learning about community helpers and we think you are terrific helpers in the community. We really liked meeting you and learning more about the Lions Club.”  Printed on chart paper and signed by 35 students and teachers … Public School



First, check out The Lions International website under the heading Reading Action Program to get an idea about the program.

 Second, if your club wants to investigate how to get Scholastic involved and get the 50% discount, contact Christina Winfield National Account Manager at 1-416-915-3500x3054 by phone and by email  or the order desk if Christina isn’t available, Tammy Eige at  1-866-346-1288  and by email. Ask to receive the package of materials they have for the Reading Action Program. Their program that ties into the Lions’, is called Read and Rise. They will send you out numerous catalogues and a credit application form. Ask that they include their Read and Rise book list which includes low cost books for pr- school to grade 8 by level.

Then decide the level you direct your focus. We focused on kindergarten students. To date we’ve purchased over 480 books at a total cost of $2500.00 which would have otherwise be $5000.00


For more information , please feel free to contact Kirby Brock at 905-895-2622 or email